DUI, license suspension and the disruption to your life

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With a conviction of driving under the influence in the state of Indiana, you face various penalties, including the suspension of your driver’s license.
This is a serious charge. If law enforcement arrests you for DUI, to what extent will a conviction affect your future?
Employment woes
If your job requires a clean driving record, you might find yourself unemployed once the company learns about your DUI conviction. Additionally, finding a new job may be difficult. Most employers do background checks on job applicants and when your DUI conviction turns up, they may consider you a risk and offer the position to someone with a clean record.
Academic concerns
If you are about to apply for college, remember that background checks apply here, too. Some colleges might overlook a first offense, but others will not. A DUI mark on your record will also prevent you from obtaining the certification or state licensing you would need for certain occupations, such as a teacher, doctor or lawyer.
Insurance matters
If you are a first time offender convicted of DUI in Indiana, you can expect license suspension from six months to a year, and longer, if you are a repeat offender. Reinstatement requires proof that you have vehicle insurance. Your current insurer may consider you a high-risk driver and will either cancel your policy or give you a new one that is considerably more expensive. In any case, the insurer must submit proof of your coverage electronically to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Lost liberties
If your DUI conviction is a felony, you will lose certain personal liberties. You will not be able to vote, obtain a passport or buy a firearm. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you could face deportation. Along with the penalties attached to a DUI conviction, such as fines, possible jail time and license suspension or revocation, it makes sense to consider what could happen if you are arrested for drunk driving. Even if the charge is a misdemeanor, think about the disruption a DUI could make to your life and how it could affect your future.