What is a home study?

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For couples adopting children in Indiana, the process is often complex. The home study is one aspect of the adoption process, and it involves the creation of a comprehensive report aimed at establishing a couple’s fitness as parents. Because the home study can be intimidating, AdoptUSKids.org offers the following advice.

You will be asked by your caseworker to provide certain information. You may be asked for financial statements detailing sources of income, including a W-2. You will also undergo a criminal background check, as will all other adults living in your household. Legal documents will also be collected, such as marriage and birth certificates for any other children in your care. Ensuring this information is readily available before the home visit will greatly speed up the process.

Interviews can be intensive, and it is important for your entire family to be prepared for the questions asked. You will be interviewed on your own and as a group, and you will be privy to a wide range of questions to establish your personality type, style of parenting, and many other factors. It is best to sit your family down before the interview process to ensure everyone is ready for such in-depth questioning.

At the end of the home study, your caseworker will take information gleaned during the home visit and that which is provided by you to compile the report. This includes a broad range of information, such as your relationship with your spouse, daily routines, references, employment status, past education, your experience as a parent, background checks, where you live, and the reason you want to adopt children. The full process leading up to the creation of the report can take as long as six months. Keep in mind that the goal is to place kids with loving parents, so do not be discouraged by the intensive home study.