Times you need a power of attorney

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Designating a durable power of attorney in Indiana can protect you in the event of your incapacitation. The documents created and the people designated to carry out your wishes must understand the importance of the task.

The times you need a power of attorney usually occur suddenly, and as such, having the proper documents in place is critical. At Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, we strive to provide the guidance required to prepare you for the hard times. Take a look at two examples when having a power of attorney in place can help.

You have major surgery

A durable power of attorney triggers upon your incapacitation. If you undergo a routine surgical procedure, you cannot make emergency decisions. A medical power of attorney gives someone you designate the ability to direct your treatment. Choosing someone you trust in advance can ensure he or she will act in your best interests.

You get in a car accident

Car accidents continue to rise with roads clogged with vehicles. If you become incapacitated for any length of time due to an accident, you may require long-term care and rehabilitation. In this situation, not only will a medical power of attorney trigger, but so might a financial one. Creating a power of attorney to handle your finances again allows you to appoint a trusted representative. The person appointed in this document will have control over your money. They can then pay for medical treatment, take care of your bills and even liquidate assets if necessary to finance your continued care.

Creating these power of attorney documents in advance is essential to ensure you receive the care you need under unfortunate circumstances. If you have any other questions about how the process works, check out our website here for more insight.