How dangerous are backyard bounce houses?

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Throwing a party for your child in Indiana means pulling out all the tricks. A popular fixture at backyard parties are inflatable bounce houses. Kids love to jump around in them, and now they come in such an array of designs. Some even have ball pits and slides. They are a fun activity that can really liven up a party. However, behind these cheerful and exciting play things lurk dangers that have caused serious injuries and death.

NBC News reports that bounce houses pose a hazard to children that parents may not be aware of. One of the biggest issues is when it is not secured properly or there are strong winds, the bounce house may come loose and sail through the air, carrying any children inside with it. Of course, this presents the danger of a child falling out when it is airborne, not to mention the possible injuries once it lands.

Making sure a bounce house is secure to the ground is essential for preventing such accidents. You should always speak with the ride provider to ensure you get the proper equipment to anchor it. If the company sets up the bounce house, you need to make sure that it is done properly. You can check it over before the company leaves. Do not be afraid to ask questions or double-check their work.

In some situations, you need to be alert and aware. If there are strong winds, it may be best to forego the bounce house instead of risking the safety of party goers. The general rule is winds of at least 15 miles per hour are too dangerous for bounce house use. This information is for education and is not legal advice.