Early snowfall and motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle crashes are caused by a host of factors, whether an accident happens because of a motorcyclist who was not paying attention or because of a driver who was distracted or drinking on the road. However, during the fall months, weather can be of particular concern in many parts of the country. In fact, some states are even seeing snowfall at an unusual rate so early in the season. Not only can early snowfall create various hassles for people, such as dealing with snow removal unexpectedly, but it can also increase the chances of a motorcycle collision.

Early snowfall is problematic for multiple reasons, especially when it comes to motorcycle crashes. For one, many motorcyclists enjoy riding during the fall months, and they may not be used to such an abrupt change in the weather. In certain areas, temperatures have been warmer than average, which can make for perfect weather for riding a motorcycle. However, some motorcyclists may be surprised to see snowfall so early. Some may try to ride their motorcycle when there is snow on the road, which can be extremely dangerous, while others may ride when the snow appears to have melted (although there may be patches of snow as well as ice).

When it snows in the fall, driving can be tricky due to abrupt temperature changes. For example, it may appear that the roads are once again safe, but there may be certain areas, which are already dangerous enough (such as sharp turns and steep hills) that still have snow. Also, ice can be very difficult to see, and this is another concern when it comes to riding a motorcycle in cold temperatures.