How can I prevent premises liability claims?

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Business owners have a number of responsibilities, including keeping customers safe on their premises. Even if you rent the building your business operates out of, you may still be held liable should any injuries occur. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate these risks and prevent damaging lawsuits from occurring, as explained by Forbes.

The best way to prevent injuries is to be vigilant about the condition of your business premises. For example, if you notice cracks in a walkway leading up to your establishment, bear in mind that they can easily lead to a fall and potentially a very serious injury. Keep an eye out for possible issues and counsel your workers to do the same. Make sure all hazards are reported as soon as they’re identified so you can take the correct action.

Once you’re made aware of hazards at your business, take swift action to correct them. Putting off repairs or corrective actions not only presents a poor image, it can also greatly increase your liability risk. The best way to ensure remedies are pursued in a timely manner is to establish a plan of attack. You might also consider enlisting one or two employees in taking charge when problems arise, as opposed to just having a general policy in place.

In the event you can’t make repairs as soon as you’d like, make sure customers are fully aware of the issue. In the above example of the damaged walkway, encourage customers to take an alternate route into your business until the problem has been corrected. If that’s not possible, place warning signs around the area so that customers know to avoid it.