Child support modification due to a health crisis

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Family Law |

Parents face many challenges when it comes to child support. From those who do not receive payments they are owed to those who cannot stay current for one reason or another, child support causes many people to experience financial hardships and high levels of stress. In this post, we will look into the different ways a health crisis impacts child support payments and some of the options available to parents facing these difficulties. 

From a mental health crisis to a broken bone that causes severe pain and an inability to work, various health challenges arise for many parents. Some also lose track of their responsibilities because of a cancer diagnosis or another major health problem that arose unexpectedly. Aside from the physical and emotional challenges associated with health crises, these problems frequently lead to financial problems. High medical bills and lost wages are common and some non-custodial parents lose the ability to keep paying child support. While many people feel hopeless in this position, there are resources available to parents who have experienced significant financial changes, such as modifying a child support order to make payments more feasible. 

Child support modification is a lifeline for many non-custodial parents, and this also helps custodial parents as well. After all, it is better for a parent who owes child support to pay what they are able to (as opposed to skipping payments altogether). Falling behind on child support leads to various hardships for parents on each side and modifying a child support order helps prevent these problems. To read more about different topics related to child support, explore more on our website.