How to win a child custody case

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Family Law |

According to Verywellfamily, when an individual is facing a child custody battle in court, there are some things that they should do to win custody. When they are presenting themselves in court, they should show some willingness to cooperate with their ex or divorced spouse. In previous child custody cases, some parents lost the custody battle after showing their unwillingness to work with the other parent. Even though the individual might not like their ex, they should come to terms with the reality that they are part of the child’s life. Therefore, it is prudent that they show the court that they are willing to work together.

Similarly, they should practice their parental rights without fail. When an individual has gotten visitation rights for their child, they should maximize such an opportunity. They may do so through spending as much time with their child as possible. Similarly, they ought to do some regular daily activities such as doing homework and house chores with them.

According to Nolo, a parent may get awarded either physical or legal child custody. Physical custody alludes to the place of physical residence of the child. Similarly, it refers to a place where the child gets all the daily care such as transportation, meal preparation, bathing, among others. Similarly, legal custody alludes to the rights that a parent has in making critical decisions in the life of the child. These vital decisions may include the religion, education, wellness, health, cultural upbringing and the faith of the child.

The parent may get sole or joint child custody. In joint child custody, both parents may share child custody to some extent. However, in the single custody award, one of the parents may get most or all the rights.