When family law issues lead to a mental breakdown

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Family Law |

Even when people work through a divorce or various family law matters without serious setbacks, the process is often challenging. With this said, family law issues are especially tough for some people, such as those who find themselves in the midst of a hostile dispute over child custody or facing significant financial pressure as a result of the way in which their assets are divided. Sometimes, people struggle with alimony or child support payments due to a health crisis or the loss of their job. All of these hardships can lead to serious emotional challenges and some people suffer a mental breakdown as a result of their challenges. 

Mental breakdowns bring various consequences. Sometimes, people struggle with memory loss and symptoms that resemble post-traumatic stress disorder. Even when one is able to manage their breakdown relatively well, these emotional and mental crises typically make it harder for them to focus on other aspects of their lives (including tough family law issues they have to work through). Moreover, these mental crises often strike without warning. Someone feels fine one day and all of a sudden suffers a panic attack or a severe depressive episode. 

Depression, anxiety and even anger are common feelings that people struggle with when they find themselves in the middle of a family law crisis. Even when family law matters do not appear to show major problems, underlying emotional hardships are often present. It is important to protect your mind and your emotional state if you are struggling with any family law concern. Reviewing your options often helps and our website addresses many other family law considerations.