Focus on the benefits of keeping a cool head during a divorce

| Mar 23, 2020 | Family Law |

Even the most supportive and positive relationship can sour. When a divorce becomes a reality, spouses who once loved each other dearly sometimes find nothing good to say about the other.

But even if you keep most of the negativity to yourself, one snarky comment made to someone else or over social media can ruin your reputation, your relationship with your family and, potentially, jeopardize a favorable divorce outcome.

Consider the rewards of taking the high road

Divorce is an emotional experience and can easily become contentious, especially when children are involved. But keeping anger and resentment in check can work to your advantage through:

  • Favorable child custody arrangements: Courts always put the best interests of children first in custody matters. It’s vital that the judge understands that you place your kids’ needs ahead of any grudge you may harbor against the other parent.
  • Getting a fair share of assets: Making snarky comments about a spouse can not only make them less willing to negotiate in good faith but can also damage their reputation at work and potentially hurt their earning ability. That could result in less support or assets for you.
  • Lowering stress levels: Working with your spouse to find a favorable outcome for both parties is not only easier for everyone emotionally and financially, but it also sets a constructive tone for your life after divorce, especially for a positive co-parenting plan.

Don’t let a moment of stress jeopardize your future

In today’s world, everything we say to another person or post online is public. Conversations with a spouse, whether in person, by email or over the phone, can potentially be used in court. Abusive and angry statements can place a person in a bad light in front of the judge, even if it’s out of character.

The best approach is to keep your cool. If your spouse behaves poorly, it’s in your best interest not to respond as maintaining a calm demeanor and staying positive can lead you to a better future, both financially and psychologically.