Causes of trucking accidents

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Truckers provide an essential service to this country by shipping the products millions of people depend on each day. When a single person is responsible for transporting thousands of pounds of goods, their vehicle has the potential to cause significant accidents with its massive size and speed. A trucker is vulnerable in many ways, which can cause another driver to suffer lifelong consequences.

There are new ways a truck driver can become distracted nearly every day. As a result, truck accident fatalities have reached their highest level in 30 years. Despite how complicated it can be to operate an 18-wheeler, the reasons behind an accident can be surprisingly simple.

Reckless driving

Trucking companies plan their delivery routes so that the delivery date matches the date a driver following the speed limit would arrive by driving the permitted hours each day. Some truckers have a reputation of speeding so they can get to their destination even a day ahead of schedule. When a trucker arrives early, they may be trading the safety of others for a day off.


Whether it is to arrive early or if they are running late, truckers may be subject to extended hours behind the wheel, even more than an entire day. Exhaustion of this level is especially dangerous for a driver when they are carrying tons of cargo with them. A trucker’s fatigue can be considerably more severe when caffeine pills supplement it.


When a trucker is on the road for 18 or more hours a day, eating behind the wheel can become a necessity. Eating, drinking, addressing the radio or navigation consoles, and checking a phone are all reasons a driver might take their eyes off the road.

There is no acceptable cause

Any reason that causes an accident is no excuse to endanger the lives of anyone around the driver. When a truck driver causes another driver to suffer a catastrophic injury, an experienced lawyer can hold the trucker and their employer accountable.