What causes slip-and-fall accidents?

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A slip-and-fall accident can happen in the space of several seconds but leave you with permanent or life-threatening injuries. The National Safety Council reports that over 9 million people suffered injuries from these types of accidents in 2016, both at work and at home. 

If you or a loved one experienced injuries from a slip-and-fall incident, understanding how it occurred and how common these accidents are may help you proceed if you decide to file a personal injury case. 

Wet floors  

While most commercial locations use caution signs to let their patrons know floors may be wet from cleaning procedures, floors may be wet for other reasons. Rain and snow may accumulate on a floor from foot traffic or as the result of an undetected leak. Liquid products may get dropped or fall off shelves, creating a slippery floor surface. 

Poor floor maintenance  

Cracked, broken or uneven flooring can cause you to trip or slip, especially if the floor surface changes suddenly. Sudden inclines may result in a loss of footing, and you may stumble before falling. This type of trip-and-fall could increase the force of your landing, which may result in more serious injuries. 

Inconsistent safety standards  

While some businesses may have safety standards in place to comply with federal laws, some might not follow them consistently. Lax compliance may lead to cluttered floors, unsafe passageways and temporary fixes to broken surfaces. All of these circumstances can contribute to a serious slip-and-fall injury. 

Negligent maintenance is usually the cause of a fall at work or at a business. Reporting the accident right away and seeing a doctor as soon as possible may help you understand the scope of your injuries.