Am I a reckless driver?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Reckless driving is a dangerous behavior that can forever change the lives of people. Some drivers may not even be aware that what they are doing while driving is reckless. So, what is reckless driving, and how can you avoid being a reckless driver?

Indiana law has its own specification regarding what qualifies as reckless driving. Actions involving unreasonably high or low speeds, passing on a slope or curve, driving in and out of traffic where it is not permitted, or refusal to yield one-half of a roadway to a passing driver are all specified in Indiana law as reckless. The law has its definition of reckless driving, but what other ways can you be a reckless driver?

Eating while driving

Some may see eating on the road as a way to save time, but it can actually endanger others around them. A piece of food that falls or a spilled drink may cause a driver to reach for it to clean the mess. The time a driver spends looking away for the road can equal hundreds of yards of driving while blindfolded.

Using a cell phone

Reports have shown that driving while using a cell phone is at least as deadly as driving under the influence of alcohol. Using a phone to turn on the GPS, answer a call, or send a text can result in fatal or catastrophic injuries.

Fixing your look

Taking care of your hair or makeup can take your attention from the road. It only takes a moment to collide with another vehicle and cause lifelong injuries. Take care of your appearance either before or after you finish driving.

Reaching for something

Fallen cellphones, beverages, and other items can cause drivers to reach in odd positions in the car, resulting in the driver accidentally pulling on the wheel. Anything that falls out of reach in the car can wait until you come to a complete stop.

Be safe and avoid distractions

Distractions cause drivers to drive at dangerous speeds, swerve between lanes, or otherwise take actions that would cause an accident. Take the precaution to ensure that you are staying safe on the road.