What penalties will I face after a first-time DUI arrest in Indiana?

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Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. You may have attended a small, festive party with friends to celebrate the holidays and drank a few more beers or cocktails than you intended to. Then, of course, on the way home, police stopped you at a DUI checkpoint and your blood alcohol content registered above .08. Now, you are facing your first DUI conviction and aren’t sure what the consequences might be.

In Indiana, a first-time DUI conviction comes with the following penalties:

  • You will have to pay more than $300 in court costs and fee.
  • You may have to spend up to 6 days in jail.
  • You will face a $500 fine.
  • Your license’s suspension may last up for 180 days.
  • You may have to attend a substance abuse education course and/or submit to drug and alcohol testing.
  • You could have to attend a victim impact panel.

You will face even more serious penalties if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was above .15% when police arrested you for drunk driving. You could have to:

  • Spend up to a year in jail
  • Pay up to $5,000 in fines
  • Have your license suspended for more than year

Anytime, you face drunk driving charges, you need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can review the circumstances of your DUI arrest and see if there are ways to reduce your charges, have them dismissed or reduce the penalties you face. You want to do all you can to present a strong defense against drunk driving charges, so you can get the best resolution possible.