How does your behavior affect child custody?

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When in the middle of a custody battle, it is easy for a lot of parents to let their emotions win. They may not acknowledge the process logically.

According to the Huffington Post, some behaviors can help or hurt your case.

Lies do not protect you

When going through a court battle, you may feel tempted to embellish the truth. You may be worried about how the court perceives you but if you lie, it will be worse than telling the truth. Do not lie about yourself or your spouse. The court will respect you more if you stay open. You do not want your credibility damaged during a child custody case.

Questions help the process

Ask plenty of questions. Divorce litigation is complicated. It is normal to have questions or to feel confused by different steps. You should not hold the stress in and wait for it to unravel. Instead, ask questions, talk out your concerns so that you can resolve them in advance. Asking questions and admitting when you do not have the answers can also show your kids how to healthily solve a problem.

Order violations can hurt you

No matter what you think about a judge’s order, follow each one. When you disregard an order, no matter how small, the judge remembers it. He or she may look down on you later. If you adhere to the terms of any binding orders, you will appear as a person who respects the judge and his or her judgments.

Ultimately, it is your decision on how you behave during a custody battle, but certain actions can improve your outcome.