What are the conditions of probation?

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In some criminal cases, a judge will sentence you to probation instead of putting you behind bars. Probation is a form of supervised control where you report to an officer of the court. You also must abide by specific conditions.

According to the United States Probation Office Southern District of Indiana, there are some general probation conditions everyone must follow. In addition, the judge in your case may issue special conditions. Conditions usually address activities and responsibilities you will have during your sentence.


You will have to secure regular employment and continue to remain employed during your probation. It is also imperative that you take care of any dependents, including paying child support if you have an order.

You can move to a new residence, but you must let your probation officer know as he or she must always have your current address. Your probation officer has the right to visit you at any time and conduct an observation of your home.

You cannot consume alcohol or drugs. Your probation officer will probably conduct regular testing for these substances. You also cannot go to places such as bars.


One of the responsibilities you have while on probation is to ensure you do not get into any more legal trouble or associate with anyone who has legal trouble. You also must stay within the probation district and report to your probation officer as determined by the court, which may be weekly, monthly or at any period deemed necessary. You must also abide by all rules your probation officer gives to you in addition to the rules from the court.

Your probation officer can often give you permission to override a condition of your probation terms. This is the only time you can ignore the rules set for you by the court.