Why is grey divorce on the rise?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Family Law |

In recent years, divorce has risen across multiple age groups across America. This includes people aged 50 and over. Divorces that take place among this age group are often referred to as “grey divorce”, with the individuals involved called grey divorcees. 

Experts look into the rise of grey divorce. They want to know if there is any significant reason for the increase, and if so, what it is. 

Decreased stigma

Forbes examines the possible reasons for the upswing in grey divorce. Experts list many possibilities as contributing factors, but point out that it is likely an accumulation of said factors that has pushed the upward swing. It is also likely a combination of factors that keeps the trend going forward, as it seems like it will continue doing into the foreseeable future. 

First, the stigma surrounding divorce sees continued and significant decreases in most parts of the country as time goes on. A couple in the 1950s would have seen a much different reception after a divorce than a divorcing couple in the 2010s. You are much less likely to face discrimination in your daily social life or when it comes to finding and applying to jobs, which was a real issue earlier divorcees had to face. 

Increased quality of life

Next, the overall lifespan and quality of life continues to go up in America. This means that your 50s are no longer considered “too old” or “too late” to get a divorce. Plenty of people divorce in their 50s and move on to a second marriage, and this encourages their peers to do the same. In the end, it boils down to one’s personal measurement of happiness.