Different ways to pay child support

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As you bring your marriage to an end, you have to focus on multiple issues, especially if you have kids. Setting aside custody and the emotional toll of ending your marriage as a parent, you likely need to think about child support as well, whether you plan on receiving support or making payments.

If you have to pay child support, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the different ways in which you can make monthly payments.

How can you pay child support?

According to the Indiana Department of Child Services, there are various ways parents can pay child support. Often, non-custodial parents have child support withheld from their income. However, there are a number of other ways in which you can make payments and some parents do not have support withheld from their income (such as self-employed workers).

In Indiana, you can pay child support by mailing a money order or check to the Indiana State Central Collection Unit. Moreover, you can pay child support with a debit card or a credit card online or over the phone. You can also make cash payments at a number of locations across the state.

What information do you need to provide when paying support?

When you make child support payments, it is vital to make sure that you provide all necessary information correctly. For example, you should provide your Social Security number, billing address and other details if paying by credit card. If you pay support by mailing a check to the INSCCU, make sure you include your case number, name, address, phone number, court cause number and other details.