Looking at the penalties for unpaid child support in Indiana

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Family Law |

Whether you have paid child support for years or you are approaching divorce and expect to have these obligations soon, it is vital to understand the potential repercussions associated with missing payments. Aside from a shattered reputation and high levels of stress, falling behind on child support could create a series of challenges that turn your life upside down.

It is crucial to understand your options if you cannot pay child support. From setting up a payment plan to modifying your child support order, do whatever you can to ensure that you stay current.

Child support enforcement in Indiana

According to the Indiana Department of Child Services, the state uses a number of strategies to enforce child support obligations. For example, if a parent falls behind on child support, they could have support withheld from their earnings and various benefits, such as unemployment. Vehicle liens, the withholding of assets in a parent’s bank account and the suspension of driver’s licenses also arise due to back child support.

Other consequences associated with unpaid child support

If you fall behind on support, you could lose your passport or lose the ability to apply for a passport. Moreover, the government could intercept your tax refund as well as insurance settlements and lottery winnings. It is very important to address any unpaid child support as soon as possible in order to avoid these repercussions.

From health crises to job loss, unexpected challenges can make it very hard for parents to stay current. Make sure you understand potential strategies to help you avoid these penalties.