The penalties for drunk driving as a repeat offender

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Anyone facing drunk driving charges could have several serious consequences to deal with, but if you are in this position and you have previous OWI charges on your record, the outcome of your case could have a particularly disruptive impact on your life. It is very important to take a close look at your legal rights and options, especially since the result of your case could affect your finances, reputation, driving privileges, freedom and career.

Reviewing the possible penalties for drunk driving with past offenses on one’s record is paramount.

Repeat drunk driving can lead to fines and license suspension

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute outlines the serious penalties that people can face when charged with drunk driving for a second or third time. Those with a previous drunk driving conviction face harsher financial penalties (as much as $10,000). For a second offense, the driver will lose his or her license for 180 days to two years, while a third offense results in the loss of driving privileges for no less than one year and could lead to a ten-year license suspension.

Imprisonment and repeat drunk driving

In addition to harsh fines and license suspension, some people charged with repeat drunk driving face even more time behind bars. A second offense could result in a prison sentence between five days and three years, while a third offense could lead to an extra eight years behind bars.

If you are facing drunk driving charges with previous convictions on your record, it is especially vital to go over your options and try to safeguard your future.