How can you help your children cope with the idea of divorce?

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Divorce is heart-wrenching, but it may feel even worse when you have children together. Like most parents, you want your kids to feel safe, secure and loved.

According to WebMD, you can help your children cope with the divorce.

Work together for the sake of your children

Show your children that you will continue to care for them as you always have. Parents who work together provide children with healthier ideas about conflict resolution. Your divorce does not have to impact your children for the rest of their lives. Children struggle more with divorce if parents cannot accept the divorce and if their parents remain hostile towards one another.

You should encourage your children to talk with the other parent when they have important news or when they want to chat. Both of you need to remain informed about the critical events in their lives.

Be careful of what you say in front of your kids

Do not involve your children in adult problems. It is normal to have strong, negative feelings about your ex, but children do not need to see the conflict. Your kids identify with both of you and may internalize negative talk between you and your former spouse.

Parent how you always parent. You may want to comfort your kids 24-7 or offer them gifts to cheer them up, but consistency makes them feel more secure and stable. Children already have to deal with many changes, so try to keep any other changes to a minimum.

If you have trouble working with your ex, you may need the help of a third party to help you develop a better communication style.