Will nesting work for you?

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As a divorcing couple with a child, you likely want to make the divorce as easy as possible on them. After all, it is up to the parent to ensure that their child lives as comfortably and well as they can.

One of the first and best ways to do this is by ensuring that your child has a comfortable and stable home life in spite of the divorce. Nesting could potentially provide this.

How does it help your child?

Divorce Mag takes a look at nesting as a housing option. Nesting involves the child staying in the family home, with you and your co-parent taking turns living there with them. This differs from traditional models, which involve the child moving between their parent’s homes in accordance with a visitation schedule.

Experts state that this form of housing allows a child to focus their attention and energy on absorbing knowledge of the divorce and preparing for the future. They can build healthier coping mechanisms and figure out how they want to proceed with things in the wake of so many changes.

Will it work for you?

Parents must clear several hurdles to make this option work, however. First, it is imperative to have the financial ability to afford two places to stay. You cannot stay in the family home full-time, so you must have somewhere else to stay in the times when your co-parent lives there.

Next, you need to have trust in one another. Allowing a co-parent to live in a place with your personal items without your supervision is not something everyone is capable of. It is something to keep in mind when deciding if this option suits you.