How can you reduce stress during divorce?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Family Law |

It goes without saying that a divorce situation can cause a great amount of stress for everyone involved. There is no way to completely eliminate this stress either, due to the nature of a split.

So how can a couple reduce the stress and strain of divorce while going through it?

Emotional detoxing and stress trigger identification

PsychCentral discusses the ways to reduce stress during divorce. One suggestion is taking time to cry, or in other words, taking time to feel all of the complex, negative and messy emotions that go hand-in-hand with divorce. Many people want to push these feelings aside right away and move on with their life, or simply focus entirely on the legal proceedings of the divorce itself. But even if there is no direct focus on the divorce, stress will seep into the subconscious mind and wreak havoc.

Next, identify stress triggers. Is it the behavior of your ex-spouse? The loss of a life? Fear of the feeling of being alone? Financial concerns? After narrowing in on the exact causes of the most stress, it is possible to focus on solutions to combat or cope with these individual issues.

Getting professional help when needed

See a professional therapist if need be. The general attitude toward therapy has shifted dramatically over the years, with more and more people feeling comfortable with the idea of therapy and mental health help. A therapist can help walk a person going through divorce through the ups and downs of their emotions and mental state.

Finally, set realistic expectations. Putting too much pressure on oneself with unrealistic goals will only lead to an increase in stress and the destruction of already existing motivation.