Westfield man arrested following car accident in Florida

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It may seem easy for people in Indiana to immediately cast judgment on those cited by law enforcement officials for driving under the influence. This likely comes from an assumption that modern technology (such as the proliferation of ride-share services) makes arranging alternate transportation relatively simple. The conclusion drawn, then, is that those who drink and drive have an indifference toward the safety of others.

Yet this blanket assumption overlooks the reality that most have no desire to harm others through their actions. Indeed, what may seem like blatant indifference to some may instead be a miscalculation as to the extent of one’s impairment (while certainly not excusing the potential threat one might pose).

Vacationing Westfield man faces DUI charges

How, then, might one draw a conclusion as to a person’s actual intent? A comprehensive view of their actions may offer this. Consider the case of a Westfield resident recently charged with causing an accident (while intoxicated) in Florida. Per the local NBC news affiliate, the man’s vehicle collided with another while driving the wrong way on a local highway. The man himself avoided injury, while the occupants of the other vehicle required treatment at a local hospital.

The man made no attempt to flee the scene, and subsequent tests of his blood-alcohol levels indicated intoxication.

Arguing against a rush to judgment

Given the fact that the driver in this case remained at the scene to make himself available to local authorities, and that his unfamiliarity with the area may have contributed to his poor driving, one might have a difficult time assigning any ill intent to him (or other in a similar scenario). Errors in judgment need not necessarily indicate recklessness, and those facing DUI charges often simply need assistance in demonstrating this to legal authorities (while also possibly accepting judgment to a commensurate degree).