How can you get more time with your kids after a divorce?

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Most parents fear divorce because it puts the amount of time they have with their children at risk.

To try to get as much custody as possible, consider these five influential factors during your custody battle.

Your role as a parent

The courts want to see that you are passionate and knowledgeable as a parent. The parent who understands their children’s needs and desires will likely get more custody, especially if they have a lifestyle that is in alignment with appropriate parenting values.


Prepare a parenting plan ahead of time. The state of Indiana provides standard schedules that take into consideration the children’s age, environment and more. Attending court with a thought-out schedule helps you show your dedication to your children’s future.

Courtroom etiquette

You have to show the best version of yourself to give the courts a good impression. Even if you have a better logistical claim, the courts will see tardiness, unprofessionalism and incivility unfavorably.

The children’s best interests

The courts will give more sway to the parent that has the capability to provide without disrupting the children’s lives. This could include income level, work schedule or proximity to their school. Making those adjustments to minimize displacement can help tremendously.

The child’s preference

Although it is not the deciding factor, children, especially those over fourteen, can state their preferences to the judge. If you know your children would rather be with you, you can use that to your advantage. Take care to not diminish the role of the other parent, though. Making disparaging comments about the other parent or pitting the children against the other parent can backfire easily.

To win more custody, you must win over the courts. It all starts with making the best impression and showing your dedication as a parent.