What can you do to lessen your grief during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Family Law |

Even when you divorce under the best conditions, divorce is still a significant life change. It marks the end of a romantic relationship, a life you built with your partner. Your living situation and dynamic change because of the breakup. According to Psychology Today, grief is a normal emotion during a divorce.

Knowing how to navigate the grief you experience with divorce can help you feel better sooner.

Seek out your support system

Do not seek out your former spouse to help during the grieving process. Odds are he or she may be experiencing similar feelings. Instead, seek out your family and friends. Let them know how they can help you through the divorce. Sometimes, it may be as simple as asking for help with your daily chores or watching the kids. In others, you may need someone to talk to.

Respect your boundaries

You do not have to overstep your boundaries to get over the grief from the divorce. If you do not feel ready to talk about it with other people, then do not talk about it. Keep your divorce talk strictly within the realm of the legal system and do not vent or talk too much over social media. Not only can your former spouse use social media against you, but it can make you feel worse if you do not feel ready to talk about it. Allow yourself to be silent when you need it. Sometimes, silence and meditation can help you get through the process.

There is no timeline for grieving the loss of a relationship. You may experience various emotions, including anger and sadness. Remember that it will eventually end and grief does not mean you made the wrong decision.