How do mediators help with divorce?

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When going through divorce, you have several options available to you. This includes mediation.

When opting for mediation, one of the biggest tools is the mediator himself or herself. But what exactly do mediators do? How do they help with the divorce process?

What can mediators do?

FINRA discusses a mediator’s role. Generally speaking, mediators act as bridges of understanding between two or more parties. Different situations may require a mediator. For example, mediators commonly engage in business disputes, helping business partners work through their disagreements.

In the same way, mediators in divorce situations help a couple work through any arguments that might get in the way of coming to a reasonable and agreeable compromise that both parties can abide by.

A mediator has a unique perspective on the divorce proceedings. They serve as a neutral and unbiased third party, and they can offer opinions and give advice accordingly.

On the other hand, they also have skills and training in dispute resolution and de-escalation. This means that if arguments start getting out of hand and both parties start to work themselves up, a mediator can step in and cool the situation back down.

What mediators do not do

It is not a mediator’s job to solve the problems that broke down a relationship. It is also not a mediator’s job to make any major decisions for either party. They do not have the legal capacities of a judge or an arbitrator.

Thus, couples will benefit from mediators if they want to solve their own problems but just need a little extra guidance.