How drug court works in Allen County

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An Indiana drug conviction has the capacity to upend many parts of your life. Depending on the severity of the drug offense, you may wind up serving time, paying hefty fines and otherwise facing repercussions related to the offense. However, some Indiana drug offenders have the option of enrolling in drug court in Allen County as an alternative to serving time in jail or prison.

Per the Allen County Superior Court, the county’s drug court program seeks to reduce substance abuse and crime within the county by combatting what is often the root of an offender’s criminal behavior: substance dependency.

What to expect in the program

Drug court gives participants access to services and resources that seek to help them stop being dependent on illegal substances. Most entrants have to remain in the program for between about a year and 18 months, and during that time, you should expect to have to make regular appearances, take drug tests and attend substance abuse treatment programs, among other possible compliance requirements.

Who might be a good fit for the program

Most people who enter into drug court in Allen County have some refer them there either from the Allen Superior Court or the Allen Circuit Court. You may, depending on the circumstances surrounding your offense and history, be able to get into drug court if you face a drug-related criminal offense or have a history of committing offenses to help feed your dependency. You may also be able to do so if facing a charge of certain operating while intoxicated offenses.

While graduating from drug court may minimize the damage associated with your drug charge, doing so may also help you develop the tools and you need to remain substance-free moving forward.