Skilled Representation For Filing Or Defending Against Protective Orders

At Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., we can help you file for a protective order or seek to have an unjust order overturned. Our attorneys are aggressive advocates and strong litigators who know how to pursue the outcome you need. When you require legal assistance, trust in a legal team that has Over a Century of combined experience and a history of doing right by its clients. 

Indiana Law For Civil Protection Orders

The Indiana Civil Protection Order Act (ICPOA) was passed in 2002. This gives individuals the right to protection from:

Your protective order will remain in place for two years. We understand that a protective order can just feel like a piece of paper. However, it is an important step to help make local law enforcement aware of the issue.

A protective order also allows your attorney to prosecute any future order violations to the full extent of the law. These violations are a serious criminal matter.

Strong Support To Remove Unjust Orders

We can defend your rights against a protective order that was wrongly filed against you. Our strong background in criminal defense and litigation provides invaluable insights that inform how we handle each case. We will thoroughly evaluate the evidence against you and demonstrate why the order should be lifted.

Experienced Criminal And Civil Case Attorneys

We offer comprehensive legal services for civil and criminal matters. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled attorneys by calling our Fort Wayne office at 260-564-2711 or contacting us through our online form.