Aggressive Defense From Charges At Sporting Events And Concerts

Sporting events and concerts are popular destinations for fans of football teams and bands throughout Indiana. However, they are also settings with large crowds, with many in attendance consuming alcohol and using illegal drugs. The excitement of a fun event at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center or Bankers Life Fieldhouse can lead to an arrest for serious criminal charges. At Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., we represent sports enthusiasts and music fans charged with:

  • Public intoxication
  • Underage drinking
  • Resisting arrest
  • Drug crimes, including use, possession and distribution
  • Assault and battery
  • Drunk driving (DWI/DUI) following the event

Aggressively Defending Alleged Crimes Occurring At Concerts And Sporting Events

Police officers know stadiums and concert venues are hotbeds for criminal activity. Fights break out, fueled largely by alcohol consumption. Undercover officers catch minors consuming alcohol or witness drug use, including prescription medication in a pillbox, not in the original bottle. Law enforcement officers wait in their squad cars for people to leave the building, pulling them over for suspicion of drunk driving.

In cases involving possession of marijuana, it is important to note that Michigan legalized medical marijuana. However, crossing the border into Indiana on your way to a concert or game in Fort Wayne makes that legally prescribed (in Michigan) drug illegal.

Immediate legal representation following an arrest is paramount. Since 1952, our attorneys have prided themselves in outworking any lawyer or prosecutor they face, conducting in-depth investigations and getting to the facts of your case. Throughout the course of your criminal matter, we remain at your side, protecting your rights and fighting for the best outcome.

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