Guidance To Protect Your Driver’s License

No one works harder to protect your well-being. When you risk the loss of driving privileges, an attorney from Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., can fight for you.

We are skilled negotiators and litigators with Over a Century of combined legal experience. When you are concerned about possible license suspension, we can strategize the best way to keep you behind the wheel.

Is Your License At Risk?

You may lose your driver’s license after a DUI charge, traffic violation or other serious criminal charges. We aim to prevent license suspension from the start. If your license was already revoked, we can look for opportunities to reinstate your license.

It is vital to protect your license immediately when it is threatened. If you do not, it can go on your permanent record and result in significant fines. Your license may be suspended or revoked anywhere from 30 days to two years. Some crimes even result in permanent loss.

Any loss of driving privileges can negatively impact your ability to work, get to school or travel freely. However, driving on a suspended license is a serious offense and can result in criminal charges. If you face charges after driving on a suspended license, we can strongly defend your case.

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Our attorneys understand how both sides of the system work and can create an effective defense when you face license suspension. Act quickly to protect your driving privileges.

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