Strong Advocacy After A Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

Thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur in Indiana each year. Unfortunately, collisions can cause significant injuries, property damage, permanent disabilities and even death. It only takes a split second for a distracted or otherwise negligent driver to drastically alter your life.

At Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., we advocate for accident victims and their families throughout northeast Indiana. If you were in an accident, our accomplished team of litigators can provide the strong advocacy that you need to pursue damages.

Motorcycle And Truck Accidents

In addition to typical car accidents, our attorneys have considerable experience representing victims of motorcycle and truck accidents. Accidents involving either of these vehicles tend to result in more significant injuries. We understand the unique risks that motorcyclists face and the factors that tend to cause these accidents. Our lawyers can also develop a strong case against negligent truck drivers, who are often backed by a strong legal team provided by their company.

Thorough Examination Of The Evidence

While an accident victim typically has two years to file a personal injury claim, we recommend that you contact us immediately after your accident. This allows us to gather key evidence from the crash site, information from the truck company, gather witness testimony or consult with medical professionals to boost your case’s chances of a successful recovery. Depending upon your situation, we may partner with medical experts, rehabilitation specialists or accident reconstructionists to strengthen your case.

As strong litigators, we can confidently present your case in court if necessary. We understand how to communicate the facts of your case in a compelling manner to secure results.

Contact Us To Partner With An Experienced Team

Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., has provided skilled legal representation to Fort Wayne and the surrounding community since 1952. With over six decades of helping clients resolve complex cases, we can guide you through the process of filing a personal injury claim and pursue the compensation you need to protect your health and financial security. We also help clients file wrongful death claims after the loss of a loved one.

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