Defending You From Allegations Of Corrupt Business Influence

Theft can take many forms. Higher-profile white collar criminal cases often involve Ponzi schemes and other elaborate scams. However, a bookkeeper at a small office or a volunteer handling money for a church also can find themselves accused of stealing funds.

Outworking their peers, the attorneys of Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., aggressively defend clients against criminal charges of corrupt business influence that carry serious consequences. Since 1952, they have appeared on behalf of Fort Wayne residents before state courts throughout Indiana.

Treating You As A Client, Not As A Criminal

Those committing embezzlement-type crimes sometimes do not have criminal intent. Many are just buying time to cover gambling losses. Others are trying to secure approval for a mortgage after an economic collapse that tightened requirements. To qualify, documents were forged and false data was provided to lenders.

If you are under investigation for theft or corrupt business influence but have not yet been arrested, you still need immediate legal representation. We take a proactive approach in trying to resolve your case before charges are filed. If prosecutors move forward with their case, we get to the facts and tailor defense strategies to achieve the goal shared by others charged with a serious crime: staying out of prison.

The consequences of a conviction go beyond a possible prison sentence. Challenges continue long after release. A felony on your record is a significant obstacle when pursuing employment, applying for student loans or looking for a place to live.

We remain at your side throughout the course of your criminal case, providing updates, negotiating with prosecutors and crafting effective defense strategies.

Contact Our Experienced Team To Protect Your Future

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