Aggressive Defense Against Fraud Charges

Fraud is a serious charge. Like all states, Indiana prosecutes fraud charges aggressively, and the penalties for a conviction can be catastrophic for your life and your future. It’s important you work with a team of capable criminal defense lawyers you can trust to defend you against these charges.

Serving Fort Wayne, Indiana, since 1952, Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., is dedicated to defending clients against fraud and other white collar crime charges. We have experience in and knowledge of every aspect of the complex laws and procedures involved with fraud crimes, including the evidentiary complications that can arise in white collar crimes. We are prepared to provide you with an effective defense against any type of fraud charge.

Defending Clients Against A Range Of Fraud Charges

Along with embezzlement, fraud is among the common white collar crime charges. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers provide strong criminal defense against fraud charges that include:

  • Mortgage fraud: Mortgage fraud can include falsifying tax documents, inflated property appraisals and buying, selling phony properties and falsifying loan documents. Our lawyers defend homeowners, real estate agents and other clients against mortgage fraud charges.
  • Wire fraud: Charges of wire fraud involve any type of fraud that takes place over interstate wires. They can include telemarketing fraud, mail fraud, computer fraud and other types of fraud.
  • Computer fraud: Computer fraud charges are becoming increasingly common, with crimes involving identity theft, data tampering, credit card theft, security breach and internet sales fraud.
  • Tax fraud: With the complexities inherent in the tax code, even a simple filing error or oversight can result in tax fraud accusations.

These are just a few types of fraud charges we handle for our clients. If you are facing any type of fraud charge, our team will defend you aggressively and help you get the best results possible.

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