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Finding An Effective Resolution For Contested Wills

A will is a powerful tool to express a loved one’s wishes. Unfortunately, other family members may dispute its contents, or its terms may give you reason to challenge it. Our attorneys will carefully review your unique situation to offer clarity and pursue a favorable outcome.

The team at Leonard, Hammond, Thoma & Terrill, P.C., has been in practice since 1952. We counsel Indiana families and individuals through estate planning and resolving disputes. When an issue arises with an estate planning tool or will, we have the experience to negotiate or litigate a satisfactory resolution.

Why Might A Will Be Contested?

Our highly skilled attorneys have the experience and skill to mediate a solution for conflicting parties or to present your will dispute in court. We can help with contested wills regarding:

  • Testamentary capacity including age, military status, illness or substance abuse
  • Undue influence or persuasion from third parties
  • Lack of understanding of assets
  • Beneficiary mistakes
  • Misunderstandings of a will’s contents
  • Incorrect information regarding the distribution of property
  • Fraud or forgeries
  • Multiple wills or witnesses

An attorney can help you expedite the investigation process and explain all your options. We will work to efficiently reach a resolution so assets are not unnecessarily depleted in the process.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Options

If you require assistance with a will contest, our firm can provide knowledgeable support and dedicated guidance. We will ensure that you know all your options and protect your best interests. You can call our Fort Wayne office at 260-420-6000 or schedule your free case consultation online.

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